TRINEXUS assists you in the process of system implementation of MEDITECH on site or at a cloud center. Our services include acquiring licenses, module configuration, project coordination and Help Desk services. 

MEDITECH is an integrated solution that allows you to:

  • includes revenue cycle, ERP and financial management solutions

  • integrated tools of analysis and report presentations to help monitor financial performance

  • complete access to budget analysis, asset depreciation, contract analysis and financial reports

  • access all patient information in one place

  • other care areas can access the same information, providing care coordination

  • patient information is presented interactively

  • reduce paper use for patient management

Also, you can now host your MEDITECH solution on a cloud environment located at a Meditech Certified data center provider. This hosting solution includes:  

  • All required Infrastructure hardware

  • Hardware & Software maintenance (including patching)  

  • Operations (including daily backups and constant health monitoring)