With our MEDITECH EHR core solutions, knowledge and management skills, we can help you determine the following steps towards an effective clinical/financial system that allows your work to fulfill EHR management functionality. Our grassroots team of experts are bilingual and understand the local market of the healthcare industry.We not only provide you the tools, but also transmit the knowledge through training of personnel and help desk support. Our services include:

  • Clinical/Financial Consulting
  • Module Configuration Assistance
  • E-learning Tools
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk Services


Whichever stage you are in your EHR Adoption, our automation platforms are practical technologies that allow you to:

  • Gain access to all the data you need to deliver optimal care and patient satisfaction on day one of your implementation
  • Assure your EHR implementation timeline remains on time and under budget 
  • Drive adoption of the new system by making all data available in your new system
  • Eliminate risk by ensuring data compliance requirements


TRINEXUS guides you through all the EHR Adoption Stages, in order to be eligible for the various incentive programs available to Healthcare professionals and hospitals. We can assure your adoption, implementation, upgrading, or meaningful use of certified EHR technologies. 



TRINEXUS assists you in the process of system implementation of MEDITECH on site or at a cloud center. Our services include acquiring licenses, module configuration, project coordination and Help Desk services. 

MEDITECH is an integrated solution that allows you to:

  • includes revenue cycle, ERP and financial management solutions

  • integrated tools of analysis and report presentations to help monitor financial performance

  • complete access to budget analysis, asset depreciation, contract analysis and financial reports

  • access all patient information in one place

  • other care areas can access the same information, providing care coordination

  • patient information is presented interactively

  • reduce paper use for patient management

Also, you can now host your MEDITECH solution on a cloud environment located at a Meditech Certified data center provider. This hosting solution includes:  

  • All required Infrastructure hardware

  • Hardware & Software maintenance (including patching)  

  • Operations (including daily backups and constant health monitoring)


Data Analysis & Risk Management Solutions

With TRINEXUS, EHR is just one step away from revealing relevant data to improve patient care services and administrative procedures. Our solutions provide key insights that will help you obtain a wider view of your patients' behavior, and at the same time detailed information of each patient. 


The vision behind the data management and analytics project is to enable Healthcare institutions to better understand their patient population, while having access to key views related to patient risk, gaps in care, flags for proactive outreach, and become prescriptive in targeting those at risk of worsening health.

These efforts will lead to improved health, and data driven management to their whole patient population. This solution provides the capabilities to manage both business and clinical challenges.

Business Administrators will benefit from predictive insight to make data driven decisions that impact their success as a service provider, and within their contracts:

  • Reporting by Contract
  • Retrospective and Predictive Analytics to show how patients impact: Utilization & Finance; Performance Improvement; Trends and Costs for Managing Chronic Conditions; Escalation of Risk for patients
  • Delivery of insights on custom dashboards
  • Access to Home Care Data for Internal Reporting

Clinical/Care Coordination Care Coordinators may have the ability to better manage patient care by focusing on high risk patients, as well as those with escalating risk to conduct more efficient proactive care, including:

  • Manage patients with chronic diseases 
  • View patients that need outreach to fall within capitation levels
  • Target patients by Risk
  • Identify Patients with Gaps in Care to Manage Closure
  • Export patients lists for managing campaigns

Help Desk

Healthcare Information Technology is continuously progressing, and many miss out on the opportunities and advantages that it can offer to increase workflow and efficiency, as well as compliance procedures and eligibility for incentive programs.   

We give you the tools and the knowledge needed to implement latest technologies to your every-day work.

We provide:

  • Tier 1 support,
  • Triage,
  • patient follow-up and
  • 24/48 hrs discharge planning follow-up, among other solutions, from our team of experts who are bilingual and specialists in Healthcare IT services.

Our support team, d-Smart Group, is advanced, well equipped, and, at the same time, makes technology simple to use.